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    The Bachelorette is a stupid meany head
    Some of you might remember that I have an in to secret behind the scenes Bachelorette info. Really, it's Brain Twin that has the in. But she gave me a super awesome scoop that I had to share with the Bee Hive ASAP!!

    So, during the Bachelorette After The Rose when Jason, the unfortunate super awesome dad from Kirkland, asked DeAnna:

    "Um, probably the one thing that stuck out in my mind more than anything was, how did you let me get down on my knee and propose?"

    My friends and I have discussed this at length and I figured that, well, just because he got down on one knee that doesn't exactly equal a proposal, even though I'm sure he felt all ready to propose and whatnot. I mean, he did go out and "buy" the ring and plan what he was going to say, but getting down on one knee does not a proposal make.

    Well, here's the scoop, my friends...

    ...wait for it...

    HE DID PROPOSE!! But ABC edited it out! If you go back and watch the moment, DeAnna's "No, I can't" (which seemed a little out of place before) now makes complete sense! Check it out!

    Maybe I'm mean and judgmental (dur), but DeAnna is a mean, mean stupid douchey pants head. Seriously, I'm so pissed at her that I can't even form a really hurtful nickname for her. Bitchy McSelfishPants? Soon-To-Be Mrs. Slacker Boarder Loser Head? DeAnna I-Didn't-Want-to-Make-You-Feel-Like-Brad-Made-Me-Feel-But-What-I-Did-Was-Actually-Way-Worse-Because-I-Suck-Monkey-Balls Pappas? I think that last one has a certain ring to it...

    (Author's Note: Hopefully everybody is able to read the end of this post. A few members of the Bee Hive are having technical issues...mwmw)

    Song title: Scandalous by Nelly


    And Baby Will Make 4 said...

    Oh...wow, that is low. Especially since all she ever kept saying was how she didn't want anyone to feel the way Brad made her feel. Hypocrite, much? Boo, hiss to her!

    Pearl said...

    I KNEW that whold "proposal" scene seemed a bit choppy! Now I know why! I love the names you chose for DeAnna. I've always thought of her as DeAnnadroid because she has no heart.