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    My Bachelorette Recap
    Okay, so my post sub-title is a misnomer as I only really watched half of the Bachelorette last night. Honestly, I really only care about Jason, the Seattle Boy (what! what!). Seriously, could his teeth be any more perfect? But I digress...

    Side note: I totally met his sister-in-law who was on last night's episode a couple weeks ago at a bridal shower - Brain Twin Shout Out!! So that makes me somewhat (read: not at all) famous.)

    I fast forwarded through the snow boarder dude and I'm convinced that Jeremy will be one of the next guys to be booted. All her "He's gorgeous and so perfect and everything would be like a dream" yada yada...I'm waiting for her to finally acknowledge that while maybe he SEEMS perfect, that she doesn't really feel anything for him. I'm convinced that is the case, but who knows (or cares) really?

    On to Jason. Last night was the home town visits and DeAnna came to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. But since apparently she grew up in a friggin' cave, I'm surprised she knew where she was when she got off the plane! Cut to: DeAnna and Jason standing in front of the Space Needle. "Do you know what this is?" Jason asks. I'm thinking, "God, Jason is not cool at all. He's a total douche asking DeAnna what the Space Needle is. I mean, Jesus. It's the Space Needle, for Christ's Sake, Jason. What an ass..."

    And then DeAnna says:


    What. The. Fuck.

    Seriously? The Space Needle? Are you mentally retarded? You've never seen Sleepless In Seattle? Or (God help us all) Frasier? You have never even seen a photo of the Space Needle before?! This chick needs a helmet, y'all.

    Then they go and play with Jason's son and DeAnna practically reacts to him like he's an alien. Did you notice how she hardly touched him the entire time they played together? I thought that was a little weird.

    But I loved how welcoming and awesome Jason's family was (although I'm starting to doubt our mentally-challenged DeAnna deserves it). However, the Bach. absolutely made the right decision off-ing Graham. It would suck for Graham if he really did have feelings for DeAnna, but really, come on. How many times should a girl have to beg for affection before you tell them to suck it? I say never, but that's just me.

    And now, just for our lovely DeAnna, a pop quiz:

    This is:
    (A) A mannequin at Barney's
    (B) Tyra being an attention whore
    (C) The Statue of Liberty
    (D) The Space Needle

    Who lives here?
    (A) The President of the United States
    (B) Dolly Parton
    (C) Donald Trump
    (D) oooh! Is this next season's mansion?

    The last one is a tough one...If you could see this out your window, where are you?
    (A) Seattle
    (B) St. Louis
    (C) McDonald's
    (D) Huh?

    Song title: Don't Be Dumb by Bizzie Bone


    J said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    J said...

    {slow clap}

    So few helmets, yet so many in need.

    Pearl said...

    funny, funny post! i missed that about deanna and the space needle, but i did notice her awkwardness with jason's son. the leapfrog thing with the family did make me raise an eyebrow too... hmmmmm...