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    At Last

    If you are new to the Bee Hive, Mr. Bee and I have been house hunting since, well, March or earlier. We've gone through some trials and tribulations trying to find our perfect home and since we plan on staying in our next home 15+ years, we really want it to be perfect.

    Enter: Our new (hopefully) home:
    Mr. Bee really wanted this style home on the only street we have really been hunting on for the last month or so. Well, you got your wish, sir!

    This house is a pre-foreclosure, so the price is ridic. And it's bigger than we wanted and has a valley/Cascade Mountain Range view!! Pretty much as close to perfect as they come (for us, anyway).

    We put an offer on the house first thing Monday and word on the street is that the paperwork has been approved and signed by the home owners and is on its way to the listing agent as I type! UPDATE: Paperwork has arrived and is now headed to the lien-holder (aka: the Bank). However, with a pre-foreclosure/quick-sale that is only the first hurdle we must overcome. Meow meow*. The listing agent will now forward it to the bank who has to approve the deal. This could take...wait for it...up to a couple months!!

    That's right, friends. Mama Bee and Family may be in their apartment until, gasp, OCTOBER! Oh yeah, threw up in my mouth a little right then.

    But don't worry, even without the deal sealed, Mama has been busy designing the furniture layout and future paint colors to her almost-but-not-really house! Gotta have something to help me waste the next three months stuck in this shoebox of an apartment (gag).

    *I realized that anyone reading this (besides Mrs. J) probably has no idea what "meow meow" means. The birthplace of "meow meow" (or mwmw in shorthand) is from Saturday Night Live. Remember Debbie Downer? Well, it comes from this sketch. I triple-dog-dare you to watch it and not laugh. Note that Amy Poehler spends practically the entire sketch staring down in to her food eating so that she doesn't break character like everybody else! Anyways, so now Mrs. J and I say it roughly 8 billion times a day! For those of you that don't like it...meow meow. Oh, and suck it.

    Song title: At Last by Etta James


    J said...

    Yay yay yay! It is so pretty! I am feeling the bank will approve it sooner rather then later. And then...no more mwmw apartment!

    (you know I had to sneak mwmw in there somewhere).

    And Baby Will Make 4 said...

    The house is beautiful! Good luck jumping all the hurdles.

    And DD...so hilarious. Those use to be some of the best sketches. Reminds me of the old Carol Burnett sketches when Harvey Korman and Tim Conway use to try and get each other to break character and laugh!