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    First of all, let me apologize for my extended absence over the last five days! Last weekend was yet another wedding and then a somewhat impromptu trip to Portland. Mr. Bee had some conventiony thing to attend and invited Baby and Wifey to join him. Since we were really only there for like a day and a half, we didn't do much. Seriously, I'm pretty sure we drove 2 1/2 hours (one way) to stay in a hotel (sarcastic woot) and go shopping.

    We had a good time, but boy, vacations kind of suck with kids. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling with Bee (she does amazing on planes and, well, everywhere). But the change of scenery certainly does not promote regular nap/sleep times and having to chase her around to make sure she doesn't electrocute herself in the non-baby-proofed hotel room does not a fun vacation make.

    But now we're back in town and back to the status quo. No news on the house yet but I'm really hoping that we'll at least get a "touching base" email or phone call today. Mr. Bee and I have pretty much planned everything there is to plan before we physically get the house! Seriously. We know what we want to do to the house before we move in, after we move in, hell, we even have made a game plan for the big move! Jumping ahead of ourselves just a bit!

    Earlier this week I got to attend my monthly Bunco game and once again was shocked at who and why people read this crap! Honestly, don't you people have better things to do? Hmmm, I guess you could ask the same thing of me...Well played, friend. Touche.

    Since I can't remember the other 85 billion things I was planning on blogging about today, I'll leave you with another TV show commentary:

    Shear Genius
    Shear Genius is a reality show based off the Project Runway formula. It pits different hair stylists against each other for some random ass prizes (I don't know, new scissors or something?). It's actually pretty fun to watch, especially since I change my hair style like I change my underwear. (Every couple months? ::rim shot::)

    But this week's episode kind of got me thinking (read: irritated). I had seen promos for the episode that featured the women who the stylists would be working with (i.e. cutting their hair). The clients/women looked like this:

    So I'm thinking, "Oh my god, what an emotional challenge! The women obviously have completed chemo from horrible bouts of cancer and now they are going to get awesome wigs, etc. How amazing for everyone!"

    And then they announce that the women have something called Alopecia. It's an immune system condition where you just don't have any hair.


    Now, don't get me wrong. Having Alopecia would suck giant monkey balls. But when I thought these women were coming straight from cancer treatment, simply not having any hair ain't that big of a deal. I mean, come on! Never having to shave your legs or pits? How frickin' awesome would that be?!

    But seriously, these hair stylist were bawling their eyes out like they had just been told their moms are dying. Come on, people! So they don't have hair? It's not a life-threatening condition! Yeah, it's sucks significantly, but give me a break!!

    Okay, I'll step off my hairy soapbox now...

    Song title: Everything and More by Billy Gilman


    LPDraper said...

    What about the "those giant balls are my favorite" comment?

    Talking about Wipeout, people.

    You make me laugh. A lot.


    Melisa@andbabywillmake4 said...

    I saw the preview for that and I thought like you, it was women that had cancer or beat cancer! But seriously? It was women with alopecia?? *insert roll of eyes*