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    Karma (Comes Back Around)

    Why you make me cry on a Monday?This weekend I went from 19 followers (I know, I know, I've hit it big time!) to 18 followers!

    I guess Karma's a bitch.

    Excuse me while I use my superhuman detective powers to find out who dropped me and why, cuz that shit stings! Didn't you, the interwebs, realize that I was just telling you to stop reading BORING blogs?!

    Song title: Karma (Comes Back Around) by Adam F


    Betts said...

    I'm guessing your missing follower laughed so hard while reading your blog that she peed her pants and shorted out her laptop. She just can't go through the expense of it happening again, so she had to leave. Not me! I always pee before reading!

    Shannon said...

    It wasn't me! :)

    donna said...

    I just started following you - found you via Guwi. So maybe that'll up your stats a bit.