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    Recap - Project Runway

    Project Runway - Rings of Glory
    Did you know that Season Six of Project Runway will be on the Lifetime Channel, not Bravo?! What?!

    So last week, the designers were brought to the Armory Track and Field Training Center and introduced to their guest judge, Apolo Anton Ohno (go local homeboy, go!). They then had to design an outfit for the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies. I was waiting for some surprise announcement that the winner's design was going to be used at the Olympics, but nope! Just another pointless design.

    Here are my thoughts on the designs and designers:

    Blayne: I promise that Blayne does not represent anyone in Seattle. For Christ's sake, when he is home, he must stand out with that fake tan around all of us pale Northwesterner's. I'm always surprised when his design don't suck. His outfit was feminine, simple and flattering.

    Daniel: Is it possible for someone to be a designer and color blind? While his dress was pretty, it wasn't at all athletic and, FYI Daniel, it was PURPLE. It's Red, White, and BLUE, honey. BLUE!!

    Jerell: What. The. Hell. Was. That. Seriously?! The only thing stranger would've been to put your tiny little army hat on top of your model's gigantic sombrero.

    Joe: Better than some, but strangely looks foreign to me (maybe Japanese). I think he had the right idea, but lost it somehow.

    Keith: It looks like the model's wearing a life jacket, a men's necktie and that her vagina is exploding fabric. Not cute.

    Kelli: Super cute, but a little to Holly Hobby for me.

    Kenley: VERY cute, but not enough of the athleticism that I think the judge's are looking for.

    Korto: I think she definitely had the right idea, but could the pants have a wider leg?! Like all those hot and toned athletes want to hide in giant Hagrid pants.

    Leanne: Totally cute, but what's with the scarf thingy around her neck? Not diggin' it.

    Stella: Need I say anything? This lady needs to go home FAST. I'm not kidding. Her accent is giving me a migraine.

    Suede: Mama Bee can't believe that she's saying this, but Mama Bee totally and absolutely loves Suede's design! Mama Bee would have loved to see the female athletes in something super cute like this during the Opening Ceremonies, instead of the manly butch slacks and jacket that they got to wear. Good work, Ralph. All the athletes looked like butch lesbians (not just the softball team).

    Terri: Seriously, what's with crazy neck adornments on this task? I guess this outfit isn't horrible, but I can't possibly get past the gross neck "thing".

    Jennifer: Super cute. Not athletic or fitting the requirements of the competition, but super cute none-the-less. She got Auf'd. Meow meow.


    Vicki @ notsosahm.wordpress.com said...

    Love your recap! I'm a devoted fan to the show and am now having to watch on YouTube.

    You're right, what is up with all the neckwear? I guess I should be happy though. The more focus on the billowing around my neck the less focus on the lack of any action around my chest...