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    Living In A Fantasy

    Per our normal routine, after Baby Bee's breakfast, we sat down for Sesame Street. Now Sesame Street just started a new season. Yes, Moms all around the world rejoice!!

    But that's not all. I usually lose myself in the computer and internets while Bee watches random Street-ness. However, this morning, something caught my eye.

    Hells yes, Sesame Street! HELLS YES!! Needless to say, this episode will not be deleted from our TiVo any time soon. Even dressed up like the Shoe Fairy, he's still cute!

    Author's Note: Yeah, I know NPH doesn't play for my team, but I just try to ignore that. He's way to charming and cute to not have Sesame Street fantasies about him! (Kidding, Mr. Bee!)

    Song title: Living In A Fantasy by Artist: Leo Sayer


    Vicki @ notsosahm.wordpress.com said...

    Did you know he is a fairy? Did I just say that out loud?!?! He still is cute even if he'd rather look at shoes than the girl in them :)

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    Isn't he the best? Have you seen the Dr. Horrible's Sing along blog, starrinh NPH?