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    Sad Dress

    There are no words.

    Song title: Sad Dress by Belly


    Pearl said...

    I guess when the bride told her she could wear the bridesmaids dress again, she took it to heart. I wish it were a full length picture so we could see if she did actually cut it off or if she left it floor length.

    Mama Bee said...

    oh yeah, baby. She cut it short! ;)

    SBC said...

    OMG!!! HA! I'm soooo stalking your blog now! I wandered over this way from Ro and got sucked in by SYTYCD talk... I was trying to find a pic of that AWFUL dress to post with some sort of derogatory comment b/c it's just wrong! The things that 8 foot tall lady wears just make me go hmmmmm. Good blog. :)

    Melisa said...

    New to your blog, came over from It Was Funny In My Head. I think I'm going to like it here! :)

    Christy said...

    Happened upon your blog by clicking on a google image of Jason from the Bachelorette and I love it! Funny, funny!