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    I'll Tell the World

    I'm trying to figure out a funny way to tell my friends and family that we're pregnant (when it happens - don't freak out on me; I'm not pregnant yet!). Last time, Mr. Bee sent out an email to our friends:

    Subject: Life-altering Health Issue

    Dear Friends,

    I don't mean to catch you off-guard by any of this, but (Mama Bee) has a doctor's appointment soon and we may have less than 8 months left. We don't think it's contagious, but we're pretty sure I gave it to her (don't worry, I don't expect to give it to anyone else). If it turns out she got it from someone else I'll be very upset.

    (Mama Bee)'s appearance may be significantly affected and our lives will definitely be changed forever.

    We will need your support and encouragement during this terrifying time (for Kola [our dog at the time]). No, really. Baby toys scare the shit out of her.

    - Mr. Bee

    I definitely need to start brainstorming...

    Song title: I'll Tell the World by Ever Stays Red


    April said...

    HAAA! That is SO cute. You should def. do that letter.

    the mama bird diaries said...

    how will you ever top that?

    Anonymous said...

    that's awesome!

    Betts said...

    You guys should be writing for SNL or something. I don'g know how you'll match that announcement. Good thing you're thinking ahead.