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    (almost) Wordless Weekend

    Quite possibly the best (read: worst) photo ever taken of me.

    Santabator 2008

    Things to Note about said photo:
      1. Sadly, this actually isn't the worst photo ever taken of me. At least my makeup and hair look pretty good. Shit, I might use this for my Facebook photo from now on...

      2. Mrs. J stealthily hiding behind her glass of vodka with a splash of vodka.

      3. Mrs. J's husband's (Mr. J) freakishly large elf ear.


    Steph said...

    Um. You've seen my avatar, right? It is UNBELIEVABLE how many people "know" me based solely on that avatar. Crazy.

    So I vote you go with it. It made me LOL anyway.

    Betts said...

    Fantabulastic hair! I like you necklace, too. And that is a freaky ear.

    Mrs. J said...

    OMG, you should use this pic for your Twitter picture (a close up of your face of course). In unrelated news, I *kinda* have crazy monkey fingers in this picture, what is up with that.