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    A Little Help From My Friends

    I need some serious HTML help!

    What did I do to my blog to make that horrible poopy color show up in the header and footer? And why doesn't my blog header ever just stay automatically in the center?! ARG!!

    Song title: A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker


    Daniel said...

    well i'm going to assume that you're working on it cuz i don't see any poopy color on this page, and your homepage doesn't show up at all

    Steph said...

    I assume it's fixed or in the process of being fixed...I don't see anything weird. :)

    Rachael said...

    Same here.

    I like your header btw!

    Betts said...

    You must have fixed it because I don't see poop. Damn, I missed it! That's what I get for going out and actually having a life instead of obsessively clicking on your blog.

    BTW, I'll miss the old header with the photos. I especially loved the goofy look on you dh's face in the one on the right.