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    You Might Recall (Updated)

    Doesn't Baby Bee look so peaceful in her crib? Nothing but sweet dreams of Elmo and gummy snacks drifting through her precious little head while she sleeps, safe in bed.

    Well, apparently, she would be better off in one of these:Bear trap. Rawr.
    Tuesday afternoon I found out, through my Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Emails, that Baby Bee's crib has been recalled.

    Update: The reason the crib has been recalled is because the slats are so weak that babies/toddlers have kicked them hard enough to actually break them. Then, of course, those little ones can get caught trying to wiggle out of their pen. Usually that won't worry me too much, but Baby Bee actually makes a sport out of seeing how hard she can kick the crib slats!

    So now I have to battle the guilt of still putting Baby Bee to sleep in said death trap until the weekend comes and I can buy a new crib with Mr. Bee.

    Okay, so the crib isn't really a death trap (no children have actually been hurt in it), but there has to be some liability when I know about a recall and yet keep using the recalled item, right?

    Oh, you thought I was worried about Bee's safety?

    Uh, yeah. That too.

    The furniture company has this ridiculous list of things you have to do before you can get a refund/new crib. First, you have to register your crib online. Then, they will send you a FedEx package of instructions.

    You now will have to dismantle your crib and mail to them some bolt and labels and stuff to prove to them that (1) you have said crib, and (2) you aren't using it anymore (hence the bolt, etc.).

    THEN, two weeks later after you submit a virgin sacrifice, you might receive your VOUCHER for a crib at the store that sold you a shitty crib in the first place.

    Really though? Because the first thought I had after reading that the crib was recalled was "Hey! I should go straight back to that same store and buy ANOTHER piece of shitty furniture! I COMPLETELY trust them now!!"


    Can you believe that they make you go crib-less for two weeks while they process your claim? Am I just supposed to put Baby Bee is a cardboard box or something?!
    Bee, the Hobo
    Hmmm...maybe the entertainment cabinet will work...
    Trying to get the VCR to stop flashing 12:00
    Luckily, said Baby Store will generously allow us to purchase a new crib now and then refund our money later when we get the voucher.

    Seriously, I'm really happy that they are being cool. 'Cause I don't know if that box will hold her for long.

    Song title: You Might Recall by Genesis


    Anonymous said...

    I was thinking...what's she supposed to do for a crib in the meantime? And then you answered it by saying basically, that it is your problem, not theirs. Nice.

    I'm glad the baby store is helping ya out too!

    Betts said...

    Dontcha wonder how we survived as children with those wide slats in our cribs, lead in our toys and all those small parts and sharp edges? Sometime I think we take safety a wee bit too far. And exactly WHAT is wrong with that crib anyway? Was some buddha baby, overweight from deepfried cheerios covered in melted cheese, trying to fight his way out like a sumo wrestler and sheared a bolt or something, and now everyone's child is at risk because a bolt might break?

    Geez, I kind of went on a tirade. I'd better go take my medication and calm down.

    Pearl said...

    I have a friend that refers to the crib as a cage. Ha!

    Sometimes I just tie Baby to a cinder block. No recalls on cinder blocks that I know of.

    Hey! Why does your "comments" link still say "comments"????

    Daniel said...

    I say keep the crib. Kids break things, that's what they do... well except when you have a mother like mine who would break the toys herself and then yell at us for not taking care of our toys (it was her way of getting rid of the noisy toys she couldn't stand)... but i digress.

    Anonymous said...

    At the risk of sounding like a trailer park mom....I wouldn't worry about it. Some idiot probably kept their three year old in the crib as a time out cage, then freaked when the kid broke the slats. I doubt any baby under 2 could break a piece of wood.

    But hey, at least you can get a brand new crib for free, right? And you have a reason to totally redecorate when baby #2 comes along. :)

    Desi said...

    There was a recall on my daughter's crip as well! But after I thought about it I was like.."ok.. not likely" because the incident that had occurred was bizarre and my daughter was too big by that time for it to happen. (Getting head stuck between slats and suffocating).

    Cribless? I would cry like a sissy girl..

    Angela Marvel Photgraphy said...

    LOL Brett actually did kick out one of his slats, a loong time ago, I think right after his birthday. I probably should look into seeing if his crib was ever recalled. I just fixed it with a screw and it was as good as new! bad mommy!