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    Baby You've Been On My Mind

    My old/new obsession
    How come the minute you decide that you are ready to have another baby, you suddenly can not think of anything else?

    Is it the hormones? Well, I guess I haven't actually conceived yet, so that's probably not right.

    Maybe it's just a defense mechanism designed to keep pregnancy entertaining and blind you from everything it's taken 20 months to forget?

    All I know is that I am now obsessed with maternity clothes. And I'm not talking your run-of-the-mill maternity muu muus:

    Hawt MamaMommy Chic
    Aren't they pretty?!

    Well they should be for $125 a piece.

    That's right, my friends. Not only am I obsessed with pregnancy and prego clothes, I'm obsessed with fancy schmancy prego clothes.

    I found this website, Isabella Oliver, before I realized that it is basically the maternity shop to the stars. I'm determined to look cute this go around. When I was prego with Baby Bee, I looked like a billboard for the juniors department of Nordstrom. You know, if they were sponsoring Juno, but old and not as cute or something.

    But I don't know if I can drop that much money on clothes. I would argue that it's a ridiculous amount to spend on clothes that will only be worn 9 months, but, to be honest, I probably rotate most of my clothes that often anyway.

    Except most of my shirts don't cost $125 a piece.

    Right now I'm wearing a shirt from the juniors department of JC Penney.

    1979. Holla!!
    It was "Buy One, Get One Free."

    'nuf said.

    Baby You've Been On My Mind by Linda Ronstadt


    Anonymous said...

    I'll take the one you got for free!

    Isabella Oliver said...

    Hello Linda,
    It is the girls from Isabella Oliver here, we are glad that you have found a new love with maternity clothing as everyone pregnant woman should accentuate those beautiful new curves and never comprise their love of style. We love the fact that our clothes, due to our signature ruching and wrapping, can be worn for women for years to come.
    We have had such a great response to our clothing and this is one of the main reasons why we are launching our exciting new non-maternity collection - 365 in Spring 09. We’d love you to be one of the first to know so please feel free to visit our website from time-to-time or sign up to our newsletter ready for when we launch by simply visiting us at IsabellaOliver.com
    Warm regards,
    Isabella Oliver

    Betts said...

    Look at that! They actually wrote to you. You've made it, girl. You are a star (just without the cash and staff). Look out, Angelina Jolie; here comes Mom to Bee!

    Mama Bee said...

    Crazy stuff! But FYI: My name isn't Linda :) (I honestly have no idea where any one would get "Linda" from. Fo reals.)

    Anonymous said...

    Sup, Linda? :)

    That top is very cute. I love the bow. All my maternity clothes came from Motherhood Maternity and K-Mart. Yep--K-Mart.

    I'm obsessed with baby #2, too! What is that about? 1 month ago I didn't want another baby AT ALL, and now it's like someone flipped a switch. I don't get it.

    Montefusco Family said...

    LOL I love that IO called you Linda, wonder where that came from? Also, I cannot believe she wrote you, that is crazy/cool.
    I also love their tops but cannot stomach to spend over $50 on a top, any top.
    As always your blog brings me lots of laughter, thank you!
    P.S. I am a WA girl too!

    Mrs. J said...

    Cute tops. Super deep v-neck + pregnancy boobs = possibly inappropriately hott.

    Pearl said...

    hee hee hee, your new name is linda. you might as well change your blog name to linda to bee. heeheeeheeeee

    as for my maternity wear: eBay + target + old navy = im cheap!