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    Wordless Weekend

    Okay, I could never be *completely* wordless. It's against my nature.

    Here is a not so recent photo of Baby Bee to keep you entertained through the weekend.

    Fill in the Blank:

    Baby Bee is making this face because _______________.

    PS: Why do babies always sleep in on the weekends when your husband is around to help, but never on the mornings when you have to taken care of them solo?!

    PPS: I get to go to a wedding this evening as a...wait for it...GUEST! Scathing judgmental reviews to come.


    Betts said...

    Baby Bee is making this face because she has a load in her pants. (She's cute not matter what.)

    Can't wait to hear wedding reviews. I hope there will be photos too.

    Shannon said...

    Is she letting one rip?

    But she sure is a cute little stinker! (lame joke, but I couldn't resist!)

    Pearl said...

    Because she decided that chalk was not a good snack after all?

    My child took 30 minute naps for the first 8+ months of her life... except on weekends, then they were an hour or more.... of course my husband thought I was just exaggerating for sympathy. UGGHHH!

    Sara said...

    Baby Bee is making this face because she is irritated that her Mama didn't spike the drink in her sippy cup!

    She is too cute!

    the mama bird diaries said...

    Cute pic.

    Look forward to hearing about this wedding.

    Mrs. J said...

    ...you just stole "her" TiVo remote and she's about to kick your ass. :)

    Daniel said...

    that's the most awesomest pic evar