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    Oops... I Did It Again

    So remember how a few weeks ago I admitted to peeing on stuff?

    Well, due to my ridiculous impatience or lack of anything better to do, I've almost pee'd on all the tests I have. (No double line yet. Meow meow.)

    Yesterday the second Walk of Pregnancy Shame commenced to buy another handful of cheap dollar store pregnancy tests (and yes, this time I hit up an actual Dollar Tree and saved myself $1.49 per test thankyouverymuch).

    I like to pee on stuff.

    I really hope that I either find something better to entertain myself or get knocked up soon, 'cuz it's really kind of embarrassing stomping in to a dollar store with Baby Bee on my hip and buying as many pregnancy tests as I can feasibly carry without making it look like I'm selling them on the cheap pregnancy test black market...

    Song title: Oops... I Did It Again by Britney Spears


    Betts said...

    You need a hobby (other than the baby making one even though it is a lot of fun, relaxing and calorie burning). BTW, I would have done the same thing when I was trying if I could've gotten such cheapo test.

    Pearl said...

    Whoops, I hope it wasn't my comment....

    Oh, I see you got the fun "cartridge" kind now. Make sure you have a stash of disposable cups in the bathroom to pee in (have you opened one of those boxes yet? Its like a virtual chemistry set in there!) or decide now whether or not you are going to tell hubby when he accidentally uses your dedicated "pee cup" to drink from.