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    Do You Want To Break Up?

    I think I found out who stop following me and I think it was one of my favorite bloggers.


    Do You Want To Break Up? by Eurythmics


    Betts said...


    You'll get through this. Have a good cry and eat some chocolate.

    Daniel said...

    no, it is I, your favorite blogger, I'm still following :P

    Anonymous said...

    I do the same thing that you are doing. One person leaves and I'm all like, "WTF?!?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!"

    Oh, well. We can't please everyone, hun.

    Hee. My little word verification thing is "sorryme". Hilarious! Even your blog is mourning the loss!

    Pearl said...

    Okay, Okay, calm down, I am still following. I am your favorite blogger right?

    Hey, my word verification is: excess. As in how much I comment on your blog?