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    I Hope You Dance

    I love this post by Mr. Lady of Whiskey in My Sippy Cup and wanted to share it with the Hive!

    Song title: I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack


    Mr Lady said...

    Dude, you're so sweet! Thanks!

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    The fact that we have to post about things like that at this time and age is very saddening! As a country we are quite a bit hypocritical, aren't we?

    Mrs. J said...

    Word (to Mr. Lady for speaking up, and you for linking). Letting two people in love get it legally recognized on paper and feel that wonderful, exhilarating feeling after making it "official" won't affect those who selfishly want to hoard all the Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights for themselves. Welcome to America...and 2008!