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    Something's Got A Hold Of My Toe

    Toe Update
    ...because I know you were dying to see another toe photo. Don't lie.

    That's right, friends. It's swollen, throbbing and more purpley.

    Okay, wow. That last sentence is gonna get me some good porn hits from Google!

    Anywho, toe still totally hurts, but I'm walking more like Gregory House now. Just without the cane.

    Song title: Something's Got A Hold Of My Toe by Steve Winwood


    Desi said...

    Like, ow and some crazy stuff. I wouldn't be ashamed to hobble like House, he's super-dreamy.

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    Can you move it? That does look pretty nasty!

    Slurbatron said...

    Be careful..those clown toes could trip the baby! ;)