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    Waiting For The Day

    Today we signed the paperwork on the new house!! Now we are in "Waiting to Exhale" mode.

    Otherwise known as the "Give me the fucking keys to my pretty new house because I hate the crap hole I live in and the douche bag who blows cigarette smoke in to my open screen door even though it's a billion degrees in here and I have to keep the door open or I will die in my own feels-like-early-onset-Menopause-sweating, you stupid douche" stage.

    Oh, and trying to sign legal paperwork with a very tired and due-for-a-nap toddler is sooooo not fun. Take my word, get a babysitter.

    Song title: Waiting For The Day by Bachelor Girl


    Pearl said...

    How exciting! Congrats to you guys!!

    the mama bird diaries said...


    Marla said...

    oh how i hate to wait

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    It will so be worth the wait!! congrats again!

    ro said...

    Very cool! The house is gorgeous! CONGRATS!!!!