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    Same Ol' Thing

    Just when you think the idea of change is actually catching on in the world, how refreshing that Senator Obama chose...wait for it...an old white dude to be his running mate. Well done, my friend. Thanks for solidifying that glass ceiling for us ladies. We women didn't want a chance to break through our stereotypes and actually help change this F'd up world we live in; we're much happier staying in the kitchen and making pies.

    Congratulations, old pasty white men! We definitely need more of you in politics.

    Song title: Same Ol' Thing by A Tribe Called Quest


    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    Did you really expect anything different?

    the mama bird diaries said...

    I love Biden I think he's great. And if his addition to the ticket means that we have our first black president and our first female secretary of defense (hopefully Hillary), I'll take it.

    But trust me, I totally get and understand your point.