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    Recap - Project Runway

    Project Runway - Welcome to the Jungle
    Wow. Sorry it's taken me so long to post about PJ, guys. I'm struggling, unsuccessfully, to get a new website devoted strictly to my television reviews up and running. Yeah, it's not working so great. Apparently, I have no fucking clue when it comes to FTP and MIME and codes and directories and whatever. Basically the last few days have made me feel mentally retarded. What's new, right?

    Any who, last week's PJ was inspired by the "hit" show Lipstick Jungle. Hit show? Really? Sex and the City knock-off is more like it.

    And since when is Brooke Shields cool again? I mean, I was all about Suddenly Susan (and actually want to track down some episodes so I can watch some old school Kathy Griffin!) but lately? Come on, just 'cause the woman is in some Sarah Jessica knock-off and plays Hannah Montana's mom...What? I didn't know that she was on Hannah Montana. I mean, who's Hannah Montana, right? haha ::nervous laughter::

    But I digress. On the runway, teams of two had to design a day-to-evening work outfit for the glamorous New York working woman. Shields, of course, was the guest judge. Here are the designs:

    Terri and Suede
    Okay, fer reals? I don't like this for so many reasons. The pants are fine, but a ruffly top? Off-the-shoulder, no less? I don't know, I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it's because the pattern of the fabric gives me seizures.

    Keith and Kenley
    Okay, I don't think I can start talking about the outfit before first addressing what an apparent bitch Kenley is. Did you see her laughing at Daniel?! Okay, yes. Daniel is hopeless. But to stand on the runway, during the judging, and outright laugh at him?! Super bitch.

    Oh, and that outfit is...well...interesting. I like what they were attempting but I'm not so sure about the Transformer sleeves. And what's with the neck adornments, guys?! Jesus Christ. Apparently it's worked for you this week, Keith. Bleh.

    Korto and Joe
    Loooove the jacket. I can't really remember what the shirt under it looked like but the skirt - ick. I am NOT a fan of flesh tone fabric. What's the point? The skirt pretty much could've been any other color of the rainbow and I would've loved this outfit.

    Kelli and Daniel
    Oh Daniel. Poor, sad, hopeless Daniel. PS to Kelli: animal prints are disgusting. Except for maybe the occasional zebra or giraffe print. Safari, yo!

    But the construction of this outfit, I think, is was really brought it down. I suck some serious monkey balls on the sewing machine, y'all, and I could've made a better corset/tank top/whatever the hell that was. Blindfolded. With Baby Bee working the controls. Seriously.

    Blayne and Leanne
    Obviously, I am no design expert, but I totally loved what Blayne and Leanne did. Okay, what Blayne did. Because apparently Leanne is some hide-in-the-wall mousey girl. Grow a pair, Leanne! Jesus.

    While it could've been dressier, I liked that he thought outside the box. Blayne's orange skin and bleached hair still do give me the creeps though...

    Jerell and Stella
    So I'm vomiting in my mouth a little even as I type this, but I think crazy-mini-hat-wearing Jerell and I-love-my-leathaa Stella made the best outfit! I seriously can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the pair really complimented each other. And I love what Stella did with the leathaa belt!

    This Week
    Winner: Keith - Eh, not my favorite but one of the top two for sure
    Auf'd: Kelli - I think she was Auf'd before her time. Really think Daniel should have taken responsibility, even though the puke-in-my-mouth design was Kelli's idea


    Vicki @ notsosahm.wordpress.com said...

    I just watched the episode today on YouTube. We've given up our expanded cable...

    I so agree with you about Jerell and Stella. I can't believe they made the best looking outfit. I gotta give 'em props though 'cause they worked it. And I think it goes to show that Stella's a good accessory person.

    Once again, the designers are told one thing when they begin the design and another on the runway. Tanorexic was told by Brooke that although she was a little scared she liked how he was thinking outside the box. Then they all trash him on the runway.

    I hate that Kelly had to go. I still don't have a favorite yet, so it didn't totally break my heart.

    Pearl said...

    Pearl thinks Kelli totally got the shaft!!

    Pearl also think Heidi was just jealous of Kelli's tats.

    Pearl would love to bitch slap Kenley after she smears red lipstick all over her face and calls her the c word.

    Can you tell who Pearl's favorite designer is? (not really)