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    Why Did I Choose You?

    In one corner, hailing from Kirkland, Washington, we have 31-year old account executive...JASON!!!

    And challenging him tonight, from Breckenridge, Colorado, a 26-year old professional snowboarder...JESSE!

    Can the long-haired, slacker 'boarder turn the tables on the fan favorite smokin' hottie dad?

    Or will the hometown hero prevail over the, well, let's face it...ugly dude?

    Yeah, so I'm gonna be watching the Bachelorette season finale tonight. Anybody else gonna watch?

    Song title: Why Did I Choose You? by Barbra Streisand


    Pearl said...

    I just told my husband that he cannot complain about what I have on the tv between 8pm and 10pm tonight.

    I will be very shocked if she picks Jesse... I almost said "if Jesse wins" but...

    J said...

    Yea Mr. J and I have an understanding that Bachelorette rose ceremony = bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, and that during these times whoever is watching the TV *will* be ignoring the person talking to them...or ssh-ing them. :)