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    Stuff You Gotta Watch

    Tell me what other shows do you watch?

    Ask and you shall receive... (in no particular order)

    1. Desperate Housewives

    2. Dexter

    3. Pushing Daisies

    4. American Idol

    5. The Bachelor/ette

    6. The Mole

    7. The Big Bang Theory

    8. How I Met Your Mother

    9. Rules of Engagement

    10. Bones

    11. House

    12. American Gladiators

    13. Beauty & The Geek

    14. America's Next Top Model

    15. Wipeout

    16. I Survived a Japanese Game Show

    17. NCIS

    18. Law & Order

    19. Law & Order: SVU

    20. Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    21. So You Think You Can Dance

    22. Criminal Minds

    23. Grey's Anatomy

    24. Survivor

    25. Last Comic Standing

    26. Fear Itself

    27. Monk

    28. Psych

    29. Saturday Night Live

    30. Moonlight

    31. The Amazing Race

    32. Heroes

    33. Chuck

    34. Samantha Who?

    35. The Biggest Loser

    36. The New Adventures of Old Christine

    37. Cashmere Mafia

    38. My Name is Earl

    39. The Office - Holy shit balls, there is going to be an Office spin-off in the fall!

    40. CSI

    41. LOST

    42. Scrubs - did you know this was leaving NBC and moving to ABC in the fall?

    43. Family Guy - LOL! There is going to be a spin-off called The Cleveland Show this fall!

    44. American Dad

    45. Hell's Kitchen

    46. Medium

    47. Kitchen Nightmares

    48. Top Gear

    49. The View (yes, I admit it)

    50. Top Chef

    51. Project Runway

    52. Shear Genius

    53. Kid Nation

    54. Women's Murder Club

    55. The Soup

    56. Best Week Ever

    57. The Hills

    58. Sesame Street - can't forget the Street

    59. My Life on the D List - dear god, how could I have forgotten the Queen!

    60. The Closer

    Okay, I think I covered them all*. It helps that we own (and use) 3 TiVos so in our house we could technically record 4 shows at once and watch 3 live at the same time. I'm sure one day that scenario with happen...

    *These are only the shows that are currently on or that I can remember. I'm sure there are many, many others. Now that I've actually numbered them all, I'm pretty sure that list would qualify me for an official television addiction diagnosis...meow meow.

    Song title: Stuff You Gotta Watch by The Band


    And Baby Will Make 4 said...

    I'm am so glad I am not the only one with TV taste all over the place. :)

    We have a lot of shows in common, so I look forward to seeing your recaps when certains shows get your pressure boiling and on the edge of your seat!