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    Recap - Project Runway

    Project Runway - Bright Lights/Big City
    In this episode, the contestants had to make a cocktail dress/outfit inspired by photos they took while exploring New York City at night. Here are my thoughts on the highest and lowest scoring designs:

    Her outfit looked nothing like her photo! The fabric was totally Miami Beach Grandma circa 1980's. Totally think it's disgusting. **UPDATED** What?! That outfit WON?! It's so note cute. WTF. (see photo below).

    His dress had totally no shape! It would've worked better if his inspiration was trash or a homeless person. SNAP! But I do feel bad for the gay Mormon. That can't be fun.

    I think that outfit is totally wearable and I really like it. I also like that the fabric looked almost identical to her photo.

    I kind of like what she was trying to do but I don't think she "made it work." Kors hit the nail on the head when he pointed out how horribly the ruffles hit the model - up the side and right across her boobage.

    Totally chic. I loved it! And did you see how jealous Kenley looked and/or how the producers edited it to make Kenley looked super peeved?

    Wow. I think Baby Bee could have sewed that better. Even I could've and I pretty much blow chunks when it comes to sewing. It was super boring but I don't think it is necessarily the worst.

    I was kind of surprised that Korto's black jumper cat suit thing wasn't in the top. I wouldn't necessarily wear it myself, but it looked good!

    So do you think the producers poo'd themselves with joy when they realized how much they could milk Suede talking in the third person. How friggin' annoying is that?! Suede thinks that he is going to win because Suede is super cool like that. Really? Because I think Suede needs to shut the F up, already.

    Okay, has anyone else noticed that this is the season of twins on Project Runway. I can't keep any of these people straight:

    Kenley & Emily

    Terri & Korto

    Leanne & Jennifer

    Seriously, these chicks need to wear name tags or something!


    ro said...

    LOL. TOTALLY agree on the twin front! That last set ("The Dumpy Dames") trips me up every time!!!

    I'm loving the season so far!

    OK..enough of this. I have to go read your Mole recap. I've been avoiding that post all week...but just finished watching it so it's all clear now...