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    Money For Nothing

    Douche or not a Douche, That Is The Question...
    Just when we thought all the house drama was over, it keeps on coming! Late last night we get an email and phone call from our agent who has been contacted by the buyers' agent...and they are asking (randomly, I might add) for an additional $500.


    No explanation. Just an addendum that says, "Um, yeah, give us more money because we're greedy bastards." And all this after they switched their financing on us, too (which doesn't make a huge difference, but would have made a big difference in the original negotiations). Arg.
    (Extra points if you recognized Greedy Smurf above)

    Tiny Love Space
    On a more positive (?) note, we found an apartment yesterday. One apartment. Apparently this is the only apartment in the entire South End that will do a month-to-month lease (and that's with an extra $100 tacked on to the rent each month!) We were searching for a high end apartment in the area to stay while we find our new house, but all of them practically laughed at me when I asked if they would accept a month-to-month lease. *sigh*

    The new place will be close to our future home since it is in the Hills. It will be nice to get to know the area and get used to the neighborhood. The bad news, you ask? Well, the apartment is approximately the size of Baby Bee's pinkie toe. And...it's on the 3rd floor. So much for an easy move. We already weren't going to bring all our furniture in to the new apartment, but holy crap monkeys, we're only going to be able to bring like 7 pieces of furniture! And that's not going to include our super fantastic California King bed (which, if my calculations are correct, is the same square footage as the entire apartment).

    Speaking of not wanting to live in a shoe box for a very long time, we got the ball rolling on an offer last night on a house! It's the right house on the right side of the street on the right street in the Hills, but we had to low ball an offer since the owners of the house are frickin' delusional with their asking price.

    They put their house on the market 100 or so days ago and their beginning asking price was $100,000 MORE than what they paid for it back in 2006 (i.e. the peak of the market). Welcome to the recession, assholes. You will not be getting that much for your house. And it's not like they made any improvements or anything.

    They have since lowered the price but are still asking what we think is way too much. So our offer is like $50,000 below asking! LOL! Part of me (a teeny, tiny part of me) hopes that they will realize they are crack smokers and come to terms with the realistic price of the house. The other part (99.9% of me) has a feeling they are going to tell us to suck it. More updates to come later today, I'm sure...

    Song Title: Money For Nothing by Dire Straits; Tiny Loves Spaces by Jewel; Offer by Alanis Morisette