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    I'm Gonna Miss You Forever

    Today has been full of moving-related appointments here in the F-Dub house. The first appointment of the day was with Nielsen TV Ratings. Now that we are officially no longer a Nielsen Household, I can finally publicly discuss it.

    For those of you that don't know, Nielsen TV Ratings is the huge company in charge of telling the big boss guys at say NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. what shows people actually watch. They put something in your TiVo (I imagine some sort of tiny little man with a clipboard and a cell phone?) that keeps track of the programs you are watching. You also have a little box that gets mad at you every 40 minutes or so and makes you press a button so they know you are still watching a program and aren't totally distracted writing a pointless blog post or something.

    Needless to say, I loved participating. Being a hopeless (and somewhat disturbed) television addict, I love knowing that my television preferences actually mean something. I think just our house represented approximately 11,000 people in the area. I want to watch The Hills? Suck it, Federal Way! I represent YOU! Muuuaaaahahahahaha!!! But I digress...

    We got approached by the Nielsen people a little more than a year ago, but because they only care what people with children watch, we had to wait until Baby Bee made her appearance before we could participate. And since they choose households randomly by address, now that we are moving to what I will call "The Hills Ghetto," our little black boxes (or "Neil" as we call him at home) can't come with us.

    Mr. Bee is probably relieved. He constantly is freaking out when he sees me watching The Hills or something like Celebrity Circus (I missed it last night! Will someone tell me what it was about?!). He starts arguing that because we represent so many people and we are influencing what stays on the air, we can't encourage crappy tv shows. I, on the other hand, proudly take full credit for keeping that crap on the air! There just aren't any other choices!! Sure, I'd rather by watching Pushing Daisies or How I Met Your Mother, but thank you Writer's Strike for screwing up my television/life schedule. Mama needs some new tv!!

    I Could Write A Book
    No, I really couldn't write a book, but am I like one of the only bloggers in the blogosphere that isn't a professional writer? "What?! You aren't a professional writer?!" you ask? Shocked? Surprised? Yeah, I didn't think so...

    Song Title: I'm Gonna Miss You Forever by Aaron Carter; I Could Write A Book by Ella Fitzgerald