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    In The Ghetto

    Now that we're officially going to be homeless in (eek!) less than 2 weeks, Mr. Bee and I have been trying to figure out where the heck we're going to live! Originally, we were thinking we'd save some cash and stay at Nana & Poppa's Lake House in Shelton.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the Seattle/Puget Sound area, to get to Shelton, drive a billion miles, when you get to the middle of no where turn left. You are now in Shelton.

    This was originally enticing because we'd have almost no bills to pay and we'd be living on a lake when the weather gets nicer (that, of course, is if the weather ever gets nice...). But we finally came to the conclusion that with my wedding season quickly approaching and Mr. Bee's commute going from 40 minutes per day to roughly 2 or 2 1/2 hours per day, it just wasn't going to be worth the money saved.

    So, we decided to live...

    ...wait for it...

    ...in an apartment. That's right, faithful readers/stalkers. We're going from the ghetto of the F-Dub to the super ghetto of living in an apartment! We'll be living up at the Hills and we're hoping that will make the second move in to our eventual new home even easier, but I reeeeeeally hope that the apartments are nice and not full of annoying apartment people. Since my last apartment was about the size of a postage stamp, I figure this new place can only be an improvement.

    We're going to tour the Hills apartments this afternoon, so I'll report back soon.

    Song Title: In The Ghetto by Elvis