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    Have A Nice Day

    Today I had to go to City Hall to get a permit to finish some work on the house before closing. While we were being helped by the very nice staff there, a dude (read: grumpy old man) from a courier service arrived trying to deliver some plans for whatever.

    It was the first time that I really wanted to hand out one of these:

    The guy was all irate because the woman at the desk asked him to wait his turn (which would've maybe been like 5 minutes). He's starts yelling a tirade about how he doesn't get paid by the hour and time is money, yada yada yada. If I didn't have Baby Bee on my lap (and if I haven't felt physically threatened), I would've march right up to him and said, "Maybe *this* would help!" But instead I wussed out! Surprised?

    What is the deal with rude people?! Obviously I can be catty and rude, but only behind people's back! I mean, that's only the polite thing to do. I know this one woman who is just not nice to customer service people in general. I don't think she means to necessarily, she's just impatient and rude to people whose job it is to help her. It drives me insane.

    Hasn't anyone heard of attracting more bees with honey than vinegar? Of course, I hate bees and all insects really, so I guess in theory I wouldn't really want to attract any bees per se. But I digress.

    Laugh Now, Cry Later
    Right now I'm watching Scary Movie 4 on TiVo. I'm not proud and I fully understand if you can no longer admit to knowing me. It is hysterically funny (but also makes me throw up in my mouth a little).

    The funniest dialog so far has to be when they were copying The Grudge and the Cindy character was speaking to the boy in fake Japanese:

    Toyota Honda Toshiba Sony Suzuki Ninja Samurai Mitsubishi Sushi

    and then they had subtitles under it as if they were speaking real Japanese! It took me a minute to realize what they were saying and I was dying laughing. The little boy tells her that her Japanese sucks and it hurts his ears! Hilarious!

    Song Title: Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi; Laugh Now, Cry Later by Ice Cube