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    The Old Stuff

    Wednesday Night Television

    Hands down, the best part of ANTM this week was when Tyra described a model's photo as "wah waaaaah." LMAO!

    This week's episode kind of focused on Whitney and her plus-size-ed-ness. Now, it's important to mention that Whitney is a size 10. Yep. That makes her "Plus Size." The girls went to Go-Sees (which for the non-ANTM fan means kind of an interview with designers where they try on clothes, walk down the "run way," and show off their porfolio in hopes of getting jobs) and one designer in particular told Whitney that she was beautiful but that she doesn't send size 10 clothes down the runway. For her line, models must be a size 2. That's realistic.

    As you can see, dear Claire was Tyra-liminated. Her performance this week was very weak. Especially when she made the brilliant idea to disregard Jay Manuel's advice and took a nose-dive straight in to the floor for a photo shoot. Really? You thought that would love *good* on film?

    Criminal Minds
    OMG Criminal Minds is back on the air! I looove this show and have missed it during the Writer's Strike (grrr). Looks like all the regulars are back after the Winter Break and I'm particularly thrilled to see Buffy's Nicholas Brendon (I love you, Xander) as Garcia's love interest. He's goofy. He's a nerd. Oh, yeah. He's just my type! ;)

    American Idol
    But You Know I Love You So. Sad to see you go, Ramiele. I feel the need to confess that I downloaded two Idol performances on iTunes tonight. {hangs head in shame} I love Brooke and Jason Castro.