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    Ever since we realized that we need to put our house on the market ASAP, we've been busting our collective butts to get our house completely ready for the big photoshoot that will be part of getting our house listed and online. Looks like tentatively, that photoshoot will be on Wednesday this coming week!!

    Today we finished replacing all our light switches and outlets with updated white versions (which surprisingly takes a really long time!). We were going to tile the kitchen countertops until we came home from an hour at Lowe's picking up a butt-load of tile and supplies. We watched in to the kitchen and said "um, yeah. No," and decided that all that tile is going to be promptly returned. The only catch is that in anticipation of tiling the countertop, when the kitchen was painted we tore off the old backsplash. So now we have to go buy/order laminate backsplash that will hopefully match our existing countertop. BUT that should be much easier that the tiling project.

    Now we just have to plan out tomorrow's day of, you guessed it, tiling. We're going to replace the master bathroom vanity countertop with tile (which will be a **huge** improvement). Luckily Mr. Bee's mom has pretty much camped out at the home and watches Baby Bee for us so we can actually be productive.

    More updates on the updates tomorrow...