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    Every Rose Has Its Thorn

    Thanks for all the love, D. Bags
    Our Buying Agent called us today to let us know that she spoke to the seller (the home is owned by a Relocation Company, herein referred to as @ssholes or d. bag). So the D. Bags responded to our contingent offer with, "Yeah, we're an @sshole big company with a policy that we don't take contingent offers. We know that you are a nice family that has your heart set on this home, but too bad, so sad. PS: We are the devil."

    Our plan is still the same, but maybe with a bit more urgency. Now we plan to sell our house as soon as possible and move in to temporary housing (most likely, Nana & Poppa's - my parent's - Lake House in sooooouth south Puget Sound) or an apartment in the Hills. Hopefully selling the house will allow us to give a non-contingent to our Hills House or maybe we'll just be screwed either way and end up living someplace else until we find another home.

    Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out today when I discovered that "Relocation Service" is a synonym for Douchey Mr. McDouchey-Pants.