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    Dream a Little Dream of Me

    I don't know what part of my weird trifecta of dreams last night was the strangest. (In all three, I was still myself, with my background/education, with Baby Bee and married, of course).

    The first dream was set at Nana & Poppa's house (in the Dirty South) where my entire family (parents, sister and family and the Bee Family) were stuck due to an apocalyptic tornado storm with multiple funnels all hitting at the same time. After the destruction, I hurry outside to peruse the damage when...

    ...I get attacked and get a shiv in the stomach. Oh yeah, it hurt. I even remember waking up briefly and I swear to you, the side of me that got stabbed *totally* was stinging. Then as I was recovering, *POOF* I was in high school again. Oh my gosh! And I was playing cricket. I *just* remember that part! hahah! What the hell!! Cricket?! I remember hanging out with these people that I sooo didn't hang out with in high school (people that I went to school with since I was in kindergarten but didn't stay friend with), and thinking, "Uh, hi. Yeah, I have a baby...Ow, my stomach hurts where that dude stabbed me..."

    Then, the final and, in my opinion, most interesting dream began. It started on a plane (I can only imagine to Vegas, since I'm going that way this weekend) and I was just chilling in First Class (again, SO excited for Vegas this weekend and flying First Class for the first time! But I digress...)

    So, I'm just chilling out when who takes the seat next to me...Barack Obama. Now I should preface this story with my undying devotion to Hillary Clinton's campaign (which makes this dream all the more interesting). I don't hate Obama and will vote for him in the election if he wins at the National Democratic Convention, but, again, I digress... So Barack (oh, yeah, by this time we're *totally* on a first name basis) sits down in the seat next to me. We just start chatting it up like old friends and, what was that?! Is he FLIRTING with me? Oh yeah, baby. Barack Obama is hitting me up to be his Monica Lewinski! (Don't worry, Mr. Bee, nothing happened in the dream!!) Somehow we go from plane, to a cruise ship, to some random house with my family in it with my mom chatting up Barack and telling him what a great and educated chick I am. All the while with Obama totally trying to hit on me and winking any time there is a possible euphemism...

    ...then Baby Bee woke up (Thanks a lot, Bee!! That could've been a REALLY interesting dream with a few more minutes of sleep time...I'M KIDDING, MR. BEE!!)

    So this dream raises another thought of mine. Whenever I have a dream that vivid and especially when it involves someone I know, when I wake up I think, "What if they just had the SAME dream!!" Like what if Barack Obama is walking around campaigning today thinking, "Man, what a totally weird dream last night with the random chick I've never seen before...and why was I totally trying to hit that?..."