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    Even More Monday Night TV

    High School Confidential

    This We Channel show follows 12 girls from their freshmen to their senior year in high school (2002-2006). All the girls attend the same high school is suburban Kansas. Every episode features two or three of the girls' stories. Monday's episode focused on a girl, Kim, who is an over-achiever who never feels appreciated by her parents. It is heart-breaking to hear her parents talk about her and have no idea how she feels. I love watching shows like this, though, because I feel like I have a list going on in my head of things not to do, or things to do in order to be the best parent I can be.

    Geez, the commercial for next week's episode features a girl whose dad works in Thailand and her mom will leave her home alone for long periods of time to visit her dad. Uh, Parent of the Year Award.