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    Fast Forward (or "bloop bloop" in TiVo language)

    Back to the Future
    Do you ever sit around dreaming about your future? Well, I do. All the time, in fact. Not that I want to fast-forward though my babies' early years, but I'm so excited for, roughly, 3 years from now. This is how I think it will pencil out.

    Mama Bee & Hive in 2011...
    Picture this: Mama Bee & Mr. Bee with our 2 Baby Bees (4 and 2, respectively). Living in our suburbanian, Stepfordesque utopia. Hopefully we'll move to our new home by the end of 2008, so we'll have been there for about 2 years - comfortable, but still settling in. I'll have convinced my family and friends to move close, so playdates and dinner parties will be abundant.

    By the end of 2010, all my student loans from law school will be paid off. Yes, my math friends, that will be 6 years after graduation. For those that think that is a long time, I left graduate school with a law degree from a private institution and, since I guess talking about money is taboo with some people, let's just say I could buy two brand new Porshe 911s with the debt that came from tuition and books, etc.

    So, by the end of 2010, with our super aggressive debt attack method (trademark - haha!) we will be completely debt free. We'll have a new-ish home. We'll have our 2.5 kids (well, hopefully just 2 kids. Maybe we can trade in the half-a-kid for a dog or something). Probably be shopping for a new car and/or saving for a super awesome vacation.

    But, as I've discussed before, I have the patience (and attention span) of a 2-month old puppy. I'm so happy that we got working towards this awesome goal, but I want it all NOW! (cue whiny baby voice) We found the house; I want to buy it yesterday! We figured out the debt pay-off solution; ok, is the debt gone yet? Can I actually buy furniture that wasn't designed by some guy named Ingvar? I'm sure many of you are thinking, "you whiny little brat! So you have to wait a couple years before you get everything you want. Waaahhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh." And you know what?

    You are completely right.