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    And I did my makeup, why?

    Curl up & Dye, Part 815
    I *love* getting my hair done. There is something about the luxury and pampering of getting your hair cut and colored. I love the smell of your hair after you get it colored and how the smell stays around for a while.

    The only part of the process that I dislike is that my colorist, who is just fabulous and wonderful and I'd never go to anyone else, cannot keep my face dry when she rinses out my hair. No matter how hard I cross my fingers and think in my hair, "Maybe *this* time will be different," my colorist will not only rinse off a two-inch section of makeup around my hairline (which I understand - I wouldn't want her leaving chemicals on my face), but she also manages to get water in my ears and pretty much sprayed across my entire face by the end of the rinse.

    And, of course, no matter how many times this has happened to me, I never remember to bring makeup to my hair appointments. So by the end of the appointment, with a big smile on my face to see the final product after I've changed out of the robe and in to my shirt again, it never fails that my makeup is rinsed off and I look like the creature from the Black Lagoon.