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    Shopping Spree

    Happy Turkey Day!

    'I'm so cute!'
    Gobble, gobble.

    Sissy and I are heading out the door for some Midnight Madness shopping! The only hitch is that the outlet mall that we'll be doing the shopping at is about an hour and a half away from my house! So I'll be out the door around 9:30pm and hope to be home by 3am!! I'll fill you in on out wacky antics tomorrow afternoon (when I wake up!)

    Song title: Shopping Spree by Atom and His Package


    Sara said...

    Hilarious! I'm hoping to wake around 5:30!!

    Pearl said...

    you are a brave, brave, woman! i hope you have better shopping luck than you did at the goodwill excursion....

    Mrs. J said...

    What a pretty dress she has on. ;) That must be from her favorite Auntie (other than Sissy, of course)!

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    I had planned on doing this, but couldn't find anyone to go with and decided being 7 months pregnant and attempting this alone did not fun make! But you are brave and I bow to you,