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    Just Let It Slide

    While I come up with something funny and fascinating to write about, I thought I'd let Baby Bee entertain you. This is a video of her enjoying her "new" slide.

    Baby Bee Translations
    "No no no"
    Pretty obvious. She refuses to let me videotape her and constantly all I get is her saying "nonono" and shaking her finger at me.

    This is the Baby Bee equivalent to "One...Two...Three..."


    "Ah-tay!" and "Ah Bet-Ah"
    My favorite part of the video is when she falls down and insists that she's "okay" and "all better"

    Song title: Just Let It Slide by Am Drive


    Sara said...

    Soooo cute! She is looking like such a big girl these days.....great piggies!

    Pearl said...

    Damn, that is cute. Cuuuuttteee! Why did you call it her "new" slide? Was it because you bought it at a garage sale for $1 like we did?

    Lisa Moore said...

    Maegan, I love this video, she is so freaking cute! Even her reprimanding is adorable:)