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    That's the Way We Roll

    Um, you're leaving now, right?
    Just a quick note about how ridonkulously fun Bunco was tonight!

    Some topics of conversation included:

    - Vaseline on butts (whose? I'm not sure.)
    - Drunk bridal stories
    - Cheating ::clears throat:: (you know who you are...KIDDING!)
    - Brain dead moms who can't seem to count, read dice, or really do anything that would qualify them to be not mentally retarded. Okay, so this is pretty much ME every single month...
    Updated to add:
    - TV stars pooping bloody aliens out their butt

    Personally, I'd like to brag that I won both MOST BUNCOS (tied) and...wait for it...MOST LOSSES! That's takes some serious talent folks!

    And by talent I mean random dice throwing.

    Song title: That's the Way We Roll by Alley Life


    LPD said...

    so funny!

    Sara said...

    Are you leaving right now? Or am I? Were you my partner this last round? What's going on? :)

    Alicia said...

    I'm not sure I was at a table with you all night and therefore missed all of that "awesomeness" (TBTL):)