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    Midnight Train to Georgia

    I was really excited upon discovering that our new home is about a mile away from the train tracks. No, really. I was excited because now that cool, folksy sound of the train whistle is going to be part of Baby Bee and Not Yet Conceived Baby Numero Dos's childhood!

    That is, until I realized that the said train whistle is really fucking loud at one o'clock in the morning. Thanks, Burlington Northern, for that lovely wake up call. Every. Single. Butt crack of Night.

    Song title: Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips


    Melisa said...

    We live several miles from tracks and every night I swear I can hear the train and Hubby thinks I am crazy! Good luck getting use to that...should be about 21 nights and it will be a faraway memory!

    Nina said...

    Ouch.... I would hate that 1 AM wake up call. It will suck even more when you have a baby.