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    Another You, Another Me

    But I am loving me some booz-ahol right now...
    Tick, tock, ladies. According to my ovaries Outlook calendar, it appears to be that time again.

    Time for awesome new television? Oh yeah, but that's not what I mean...

    Time to plan a housewarming party? Nah, there is one tentatively scheduled for October 2012 (i.e. when the moving boxes finally get opened and distributed)...

    Time to start buying Christmas presents? Guess again. I don't do that shit until 12/24...

    Nope. It's TIME. Time to do the nasty. Get another egg fertilized. Time to have another baby.

    Baby Bee is now almost a year and a half, so if we get knocked up in the next few months then her and her little sister (fingers crossed, man) will be roughly 2 1/2 years apart. Sissy and I are about 3 years apart and I've always thought that it was great timing - we never really had to go to school together except for when we were young and it didn't really matter. And now that we're older, 3 years is nothing and we're the best of buds!

    So logistically, it's all guns blazing, let's do this thing! But, uh, well, shit. Do I really want to be pregnant again? Last time was a blast - I really enjoyed being pregnant.

    Except for the wanting to vomit all the time (but hardly ever really vomiting so it was just really frustrating).

    Oh, and then the being hungry all the time and having to make sure I brought food with me EVERYWHERE or else risk stealing other people's food and/or eating anything remotely food-like.

    And the getting fat.

    And never sleeping. (oh yeah, that's a newborn thing too. Fuck.)

    And the having to pee every hour, on the hour. My bladder was a frickin' Cuckoo Clock, yo.

    And we won't even touch labor and post-labor issues. Let's just say that I didn't have a super great birth story. It was more like an alien abduction rip-the-baby-out-of-me story.

    So, uh, yeah. Not so excited this time around. But I don't want to only have one child. I want Bee to have a sister (or brother!) to play around with. Shit, this kid will probably be walking before Bee does.

    I never thought I'd be that Mom, either. You know, the one who freaks out about having the second kid thinking that she couldn't possibly love a child more than #1. I know that I'll love #2 just as much as Bee. It's just so strange for me to think about having to split my time between two kids. And it's not only about me wanting to spend all my time with Bee; it makes me sad that #2 won't get the mommy one-on-one time that Bee has gotten these last few years.

    To make things worse, we were going to start "trying" when Mr. Bee ended a commitment at work that had him traveling once a month to various locations around the country. That ended this month. But then, a couple weeks ago, we found out that now he's going to have to work about 3 hours away from home 4 days a week. So from Monday through Thursday, he'll be living on the pennisula. Hmmm...little bit of a damper on things. And I had thought the once a month traveling was an imposition!!

    Any who, so one of these days you might be reading an "I'm PREGO!" post, but for now, I think I'll just refill my glass of rum punch and enjoy a full night's sleep...

    Song title: Another You, Another Me by H & Claire


    the mama bird diaries said...

    Enjoy your rum. :)Good luck with the family planning.

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    Rum it up!

    Ah yes, another person that has the timing all planned out! I knew I could not be the only one.