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    Most of you are probably aware of the, let's call them, enthusiastic clown fuckers Cirque Du Soleil fans I had trolling my blog yesterday. Thanks to Google Analytics, I was finally able to figure out how they found my blog in the first place. I finally found the Cirque forum where this was posted under a "Corteo Hater" post:

    "I happened upon this blog. Just thought I'd share it with you all.
    This woman really hated Corteo."

    For anyone who hasn't read my previous post, I wrote about how much contortionists and clowns scare me. I did not write about how much I hated Corteo. In fact, I've never seen the performance. But my intention of the post was to say that I will most likely never see the performance as Cirque performances, in general, freak me the fuck out.

    Now, obviously, there are about a billion crazy enthusiastic Cirque fans out there. And I think a few million of them visited my blog yesterday.

    (If any of you are still brave enough to hang out
    and visit with the Hive, WELCOME!)

    But most of those visitors decided to attack my personal blog for saying things that I did not actually say. The whole situation brings an interesting question to mind. How often, in our daily lives, do we misread/interpret/understand what someone is saying?

    I used to have a friend that was pretty rude. In fact, something in his delivery or words he chose would pretty much insult me (or I would interpret as rude), every single time I saw him. After a while, a few friends opened up enough to reveal that they, too, interpreted Mr. Snuffleupagus* as being rude.

    Fast forward a few months later and every comment that came out of Mr. Snuffleupagus' mouth was interpreted by me as being beligerent and/or rude. Did my preconcieved notion that he was now a rude McDouchePants color all of his comments as rude in my mind?

    Now, because we were all chicken shit, we never actually spoke to Snuffy about the sitatution. Which leads me to wonder, can we ever really know someone's intention without complete honesty being involved? And how can we learn to shed our preconceptions in order to really hear what is being said instead of filling between the lines with what we assume is being said?

    *Name has been changed to protect the rude innocent

    Song title: Misunderstood by Better Than Ezra


    Anonymous said...

    I'm sorry that you got so bashed by a few of the members of Cirque Tribune. Some of them are overzealous. They are the ones who give a bad name to the other Cirque fans in the world.

    I for one enjoyed your sarcastic approach, and may actually further read your blog. And I love Cirque du Soleil. ;)

    DancingHyena said...

    Wow. I agree with the above poster. I'm sorry you had to endure the elitism of those CdS "fans".

    Maybe I should think twice about making a personal blog entry about my insane fear/disgust of spiders incase a bunch of spider enthusiasts/collectors tell me off for not appreciating the sheer beauty and wonder of the creatures D:

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    I miss all the drama when I go away! So you had some haters bash you for taking something you saidout of context? Wow..it takes all kinds!

    BPOTW said...

    Ah, this was such a fun controversy. They were just itching for a fight!

    Thanks for submitting your post!

    Jen said...

    I came over from "best post of the week' and I am so glad that I did. You are just to funny. I also really like your other blog. Great stuff.