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    Mean Mean Woman

    Check this out:

    Possible Troll Sighting

    Does the Hive have it's first ever troll? Am I just misinterpreting "Bubble's" comment? Is it bad that part of me is bummed and the other part is thrilled that I have a douchebag troll?

    Update: DEFINITELY troll(s). I seriously love that such a tame post actually offended someone! My work here is done...

    Song title: Mean Mean Woman by John Lee Hooker


    sissy2mom2b said...

    Hi Sissy! I'm commenting in defense of my wonderful, hilariously funny sister.

    Seriously, so these people don't have a life?! Whoever is not afraid of clowns is a little sketchy in my eyes anyway....
    Don't give a fuck (like my language? I'm a mommy too you trolls) about what the stupid trolls say, they're just losers.

    Pearl said...

    Those people dont have a life, nor do they have a sense of humor.

    I think I have them figured out though...

    They are either Cirque performers or work for the show in some capacity and they are googling themselves on their day off in a fit a narcissism. They came across your post and felt compelled to bash you without so much as reading another word of your blog.

    BUSTED Cirquies!! You are really just carnies with more makeup you know!!! mwmw!

    Pearl said...

    and ps ~ duh, EVERYONE knows only the cool moms use words like douchebag!

    SBC said...

    I saw Corteo when it was here... I thought it was awesome. I still LAUGHED at your commentary. Every douchebag should know that plenty-o-folks are creeped out by clowns and various other carny types. I guess we could find some bloggers who are scared of heights and give them shit for not enjoying the idea of flying or roller coasters. That sounds like good sport.

    Mama Bee said...

    My Open Comment to ALL Hive Haters:

    Wow. Who thought a post about clowns would receive such a response.

    Let me clear the air a bit.

    #1: There is pretty much no other reason for this blog than for me to be judgemental and "weirdly critical." Don't like it? Don't read it.

    #2: If you like creepy circus clowns, then by all means please attend as many Cirque performances as you wish. I, on the other hand, think that contortionists and clowns and the like are fucking creepy as shit and give me nightmares. Hence, I will not see Corteo. But I have seen other Cirque shows so I'm not completely talking about of my ass.

    #3. If you (or any other troll, for that matter) had taken the time to read any of my other posts, you will see that "thoughtful analysis'" are not really my forte. Instead I prefer to judge a book by it's cover, jump to conclusions, and do whatever other cliches you can come up with.

    Again, if you want to watch creepy old dudes wearing makeup dance around at a funeral, you go for it. I'd rather stay home and pass judgement.

    J said...

    Little shout out to Pearl for your excellent use of "mwmw." Well done.

    {slow clap}