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    Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    I've decided that since my television show reviews are cumbersome novels, they deserve a website/blog of their own! But now my problem is:

    What the hell do I call it?

    So I'm reaching out to you, my loyal Bee Hive, for inspiration! Help me come up with a concise yet witty title to my new blog. Something about television, addiction, TiVo, critic, etc.

    Give me your best shot!

    Song title: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar


    Vicki @ notsosahm.wordpress.com said...

    I would just call it "The Buzz" with a tag line of something like: Mama Bee's reviews of the latest tv shows....blah, blah. I can't think of a good tag line.

    AndBabyWillMake4 said...

    How about The TV Hive? Where recaps are all the swarm...you know instead othe norm??

    Lame-o? LOL