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    One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

    Primetime Outsiders: Being a Mom
    I really wish my friends had children. Don't get me wrong, I have some friends that do have kids, but my immediate closest girlfriends (sans Sissy) are childless. In fact, out of the 8 of us, only three of us are even married (2 more will join the club within a month).

    But I just got back from a ladies lunch and Baby Bee came along with me so Mr. Bee could go to work. Yeah...is it just me or is watching your little Peanut by yourself in a restaurant with all your fabulous, non-mama friends just a bit too stressful? I know everyone loves to see Baby Bee (some probably a little more than others), but sometimes I just feel like the Outsider.

    Of course I wouldn't change anything, but sometimes I do look longingly in my friends' direction knowing that they don't have to care about if having a late lunch or dinner will affect their baby's schedule, or if the bathroom in the restaurant will have a changing table or even how to balance eating your entree while simultaneously feeding your Peanut and still manage to eat something relatively warm or cold (depending on the food)...

    Object of My Affection
    On a similar, but totally random and different subject, have you ever met someone and knew instantly that you'd be friends? Maybe I'm silly and/or creepy, but I totally believe in friend soul mates. I have a number of friends that I just knew we'd hit it off...

    1. Sharla
    I met Sharla in my community college days at Highline. It was early on in the class, maybe even the first week or so, when we were taking roll call and I just remember seeing her and thinking, "yeah, we're totally going to be friends." We met sometime there after and have been friends now for 10+ years!

    2. Mr. & Mrs. J
    I will always remember the first time Mr. Bee and I met the J's. We were at a dinner party at T-Money's old condo and there were a few people there that we had never met before. At some point during the night, I remember specifically that Mr. J told some ridiculously gross/possibly offensive poop story. I thought, "wow. That dude has some balls for saying stuff like that in mixed company that he's never met before...we're SOOOOOO going to be friends!!!"

    3. Jody
    I don't remember having the same "I know we're going to be friends" experience with Jody, but we met under such random circumstances that it just seems like somehow we were meant to be buddies! After my assistant moved away right before the busy wedding season, I put out ads looking for a new assistant. Jody was probably the third or fourth person I interviewed. She was far and away the best person and ever since then we've completely hit it off. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, we only get to see each other like two times a year, but I always know that my sister from another mister is out there in North Sea-town.

    So that brings me to my wedding yesterday! I got to spend a little more time with my new BFF, and can I tell you how fabulous she is? She is just the cutest and has a cute little boy (about 9 months or so, I think) and her husband was just adorable. We bantered all night and when I left for the evening I had to hunt them down to say goodbye. I told them that they were totally cool, to which they responded, "Well, yeah, we're pretty awesome." LOL! Totally something my friends and I would say!

    I so want to "date" this couple! That's one thing that kind of sucks about my job: you meet some fabulous people but you really only get to see them for maybe a day and a half and then never again. Meow meow...

    Song title: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other by Joe Raposo; Object of My Affection by Shawn Colvin


    And Baby Will Make 4 said...

    I can't remember the last time I had a friend moment. It's been awhile and that makes me sad, because like you, I totally believe it happens. It seems after moving from FL I've turned into a recluse and find that the people I do meet end up annoying me. It's the the point that I've joked about taking out a craig's list add looking for cool friends. And if that doesn't sound Pathetic (capital P and all) then I don't know what does.

    J said...

    I'm gonna have to ask you to stop cheating on me. Who is this new BFF?! :)