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    Let's Dance

    So You Think You Can Dance?
    Is it just me or are the choreographers totally phoning it in this season? It seems like every routine tonight involves a lot of snapping and walking in circles. Really? You people are professionally trained and that's all you can come up with? I'm sooo not impressed with anything I've seen so far (and usually choreographers like Mia Michaels blow me away!)

    PS: I must admit, I dance like the photo above, so I'm really not one to judge (that is, if I were someone that didn't love judging people, but I am, so suck it).

    Song Title: Let's Dance by David Bowie


    ro said...

    You love So You Think You Can Dance, use song titles as your post titles AND love judging others?!? Are you my long lost blog sister (Bl-ister, if you will...and if you make up words, too...we're total blog soulmates)???