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    I Want To Stab You With Something Rusty

    Can you believe that's an actual song title? LOVE it!

    So here's a house update...I swear to God will this ever be over...

    Last Sunday we had our home inspection which came back with five items the prospective buyers would like us to do:

    #1: Replace the furnace. Cost: $3000+
    Now the furnace is original to the house but works fine.

    #2: Clean all the heating ducts. Cost: don't know. don't care.

    #3: Plumb the master bath sink.
    We tried to have this done before the inspection. We obviously knew it had to be done; we just lack any sort of plumbing skills...

    #4: Replace handle on valve under garage sink. Cost: Like $0.99.
    Seriously? It's like a buck to buy the plastic valve handle. Whatever, we just had the plumber do it.

    #5: Replace the entire electrical panel in the garage (i.e. like the whole circuit breaker thing). Cost: $2500+
    We didn't initially realize this would cost so much! WTF!

    Before we knew the cost for #5, we responded to their requests with:
    #1: We'll service the furnace.
    #2: No.
    #3: Yes.
    #4: Yes.
    #5: yes.

    THEY come back and say:
    Yes on the above PLUS $3500!!!!!!


    So our new offer to them is:
    #1: We'll service the furnace. Suck it.
    #2: Suck it.
    #3: Done.
    #4: Done.
    #5: We'll either replace it or give you $2500 cash.

    Oh...and SUCK IT!

    This is pretty much our final offer because I'm tired of all this bullshit. They are getting such a great remodeled home for way less than it's worth and since we don't need to move anymore (thanks douche bags that gave our Hills Home to someone else!), if they tell us to suck it, then we'll just take the house off the market.

    It's such a shame after all we've (read: I've) done to get the house on the market, but oh well. I just want to know one way or the other so that I can either sigh a huge breathe of relief and chills out OR get off my ass to cancel all our utilities, get more moving boxes and basically work 24/7 for the next 20 days.

    SIDE NOTE: Seriously, will whoever please stop emailing me offers to "upgrade my penis"? Really? I'm kind of okay not upgrading at this time. Geesh.

    Song Title: I Want To Stab You With Something Rusty by Against All Authority