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    This Is The Song That Never Ends

    Song = Day
    Seriously, is this day over yet?! Baby Bee has decided to start waking up at 6:00 am this week and, needless to say, Mama Bee ain't lovin' it. In fact, I'm quite over it.

    Today has just gone on FOREVER. I'm packing for this weekend's trip to Vegas, getting ready for a dinner with Mr. Bee and his work colleagues tonight, and, of course, still packing up the house. We have our photography appointment with Redfin on Tuesday morning, so the deadline has officially been set. However, I feel like doing nothing. Like absolutely NOTHING. I just want to sleep (which I would probably convince myself to do if Baby Bee would take a nap longer than 40 minutes today).

    Is it seriously only 4:30?! Ack.