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    Feels Like Tonight

    Either tonight or early tomorrow, we are expecting our first offer on the house! YAY!!!

    It seems like this is the day we've been waiting for, but I won't lie: I'm scared poo-less! All of a sudden the whole house-selling/moving thing has become real. Don't get me wrong; I'm thrilled that we'll get to make on offer on the house we like in The Hills, but I'm starting to feel just a smidge of nostalgia for this house, too.

    I think I need to remind myself that even though we're leaving Mr. Bee and I's first home together, the home we move to will be the first home that Baby Bee and her eventually sibling will ever remember. I'm really ready to have a house that is not just a place to live for a few years but my long-term (I hope 15 years+) home.