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    Fat Bottomed Girls

    Yesterday's calorie intake: 1615(with a 1580 calorie goal)
    Today I will choose to blame my mother for dishing out Costco Carrot Cake at Bunco last night, which apparently has about 8 trillion calories per slice. And I don't even like it that much! What a waste of calories...**UPDATE** Reviewed MyFitnessPal and realized that I recorded something TWICE! Yay! (I thought I had spent 1755 calories yesterday!)

    Yesterday's exercise: none
    You might be noticing a trend here...I honestly did plan on hitting the treadmill yesterday, if only to watch this week's Bachelorette that is recorded on the downstairs TiVo. But I completely forgot about filling in at the calorie-filled Bunco at my mom's house. Maybe today will be the day my butt gets off the couch.

    Today's weight: 146