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    Almost Home

    Today we toured the home again, this time taking photos and really inspecting the quality of things (it will definitely need some paint inside). Last night was like Christmas Eve; I hardly slept a wink, I was so excited!!

    We contacted Redfin and started the process with them. The more I read up about them, the more I like. It was pointed out to me by my Real Estate Savvy Friend ;) that Redfin actually got fined by the NW MLS recently. I researched it all this afternoon and it almost makes me love them more! One of the big things they got fined for was trying to have a forum online where home-buyers could review houses on the market. Sounds awesome, right? Get online and read reviews from people that have already been through the house during a tour or an open house? Well, no. The MLS dictators think this is equivalent to advertising another agent's property. Which makes sense, but it really seems like the entire Real Estate Agent community is out to get Redfin because, God forbid, they break the mold of the traditional commission-based real estate market.

    The coolest thing about Redfin is that their agents are salary-paid. They DO get bonuses but they are based on customer satisfaction. AND you 2/3rds of the commission back as a refund! Cash in your pocket! SWEET!!

    And the hilarious part: I got an email from my Redfin agent tonight and it turns out that it's my second ever bride from 2004! It's going to be so awesome working with her and it definitely makes something that might have become somewhat isolating into a totally fun and social experience!